Sunday, September 30, 2001

So now I have one lovely lady, L1, in the kitchen cooking a joy curry, and "instant yob" Ms S in the lounge watching the NRL grand final & screaming at the tube.

Lazy morning, then coffee @ Cafe Lella & a wander around the Kingston Bus Depot Markets. Invented two new terms: 'Cafe Serengeti' and 'Relationship Conveyancing':

Cafe Serengeti (n) The phenomena existing within the confines of cafes or other table-service environs in which predatory staff hunt dishes to clear and coffees to serve to patrons who take on the role of grazing wilderbeast.

Relationship Conveyancing (n) A sequence in which: 1. Party A upsets Party B; 2. Party B writes to Party A expressing how upset they are; 3. Communications are cut; then 4. Three months later communications resume, until another event triggers the cycle to start again.

Found the lyrics to "Starlight" by The Supermen Lovers. It's all good.

Posted by Dean @ 9/30/2001 08:42:00 pm

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