Sunday, September 30, 2001

"You know you've had a good night when you come home & reach into your handbag for your keys & pull out your underwear instead"
- Ms S 29/09/01

Ah, the long weekend. Grand Final weekend, no less...

Friday Night

Post-work drinks @ Minque, Manuka. Dinner @ the Greek place next to the cinemas. Embarrassment @ Filthy's as I try & force J2 to sober up.


Disgust @ bathroom - cleaning up after J2.

Spent most of the day reading, listening to music & generating boredom. Was rescued my Ms S & L1; dinner @ Portia's Place (three thumbs up), a quick beer at Filthy's, then home for some Saturday-Night-At-The-Movies work on the tube.

Posted by Dean @ 9/30/2001 08:22:00 pm

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