Saturday, October 06, 2001

Friday night at Filthy's has never been like that before...

After a pretty hectic week at work, the acting branch head decides to order us home at 15:30. So it's off to the pub, short break at home, then back to the pub, leaving just as D1 and K1 were arriving home for their quiet night in (excellent timing).

There K4 and I meet up with Ms S & A1 (Champion), B1, and a whole bunch of new friends. After a while we had to take over a whole section of the pub. Many drinks and california rolls later, M1, T1, T2 arrive. Floating on the peripheral were L1 and her parentals. Just as the night is winding down G1 rocks up sans group he was said to be bringing.

Up & dressed by 0930 for a 0900 breakfast this morning with L1, parentals & parentals friends, followed by an hour and a half of petanque on the grass strip outside the complex. Combat-Scrabble to follow later, Bond-themed housewarming at Yarralumla scheduled for the evening. I'm goind to get a mouthguard this afternoon & go as Jaws, as I'm pretty sure there'll be enough Bond's in tux's.

Posted by Dean @ 10/06/2001 01:30:00 pm

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