Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Bugger-all to report today.

Had to get up early to get over to the northside of town for a Career Planning Workshop that I nominated for back in July when the whole branch went course-nomination-crazy. It turned out to be helpful, but I got a bit wierded out by Leo the stuttering guy who'd undertaken assertiveness training (good on him) who tried to engage me in a talk about religion over lunch and by John who wanted to quit the public service and do some sort of environmental work and who kept butting in when the presenter was talking with completely irrelevant or tangential comments. Weird characters combined with stomach pain in the afternoon session left me less than enthusiastic about the day.

I got to come home early; that was a bonus. The novelty wore off as I had to complete some selection criteria for the position I'm currently in. I've never had to retrospectively apply for my own job before, so it has been a bit weird trying to write to selection criteria knowing that my immediate colleages (and frequent party people who know what I'm like in and out of the workplace) will be on the interview panel.

Only one interesting link today, as I'm about to fall asleep in front of the PC and I feel generally unwell: the Captions Blog - get a different perspective on the images that make up the news.

Posted by Dean @ 11/21/2001 11:05:00 pm

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