Sunday, December 09, 2001

How bad are you?

I found a test; the badass test.

Answer all the questions below as yes or no, for every yes, award 2 points. The highest score possible is 104, and the lowest, of course, 0. This is a ranking of How Bad You Really Are, with 104 being the Baddest, and 0 being the most Innocent.

Have You Ever?.........
1. Smoked?
2. Been Drunk as hell?
3. Screwed someone of the opposite sex?
4. Screwed someone of the same sex?
5. Shoplifted?
6. Lied?
7. Betrayed a friend?
8. Been to jail?
9. Smoked weed?
10. Done LSD?
11. Done any other illegal drug?
12. Given oral sex?
13. Received oral sex?
14. Screwed something not of the human race?
15. Screwed something not alive?
16. Cheated on someone?
18. Used someone?
19. Paid someone for sex?
20. Been paid for sex?
21. Played strip poker?
22. Skipped school?
23. Skipped school to get high/drunk?
24. Danced naked?
25. Danced naked in public?
26. Flashed someone?
27. Mooned someone?
28. Kissed someone?
29. Kissed someone of the same sex?
30. Held hands?
31. Hugged someone?
32. French kissed?
33. Had sexual fantasies?
34. Had gay/lesbian fantasies?
35. Stolen money?
36. Stolen money from family?
38. Been convicted of a crime?
39. Dated someone because you heard they were'easy'?
41. Been called a whore?
42. Been called a bitch?
43. Watched porn?
44. Taped porn?
45. Watched porn you taped?
46. Kissed someone in a moving vehicle?
47. Screwed someone in a moving vehicle?
48. Used sex 'toys'?
49. Tried to kill yourself?
50. Tried to kill someone else?
51. Told someone you hated them?
52. Told someone you loved them and didn't mean it?

Should I tell what I scored? Na, but it's somewhere between 0 and 40, so I'm not that bad, but badder than I thought I'd be.

Posted by Dean @ 12/09/2001 04:31:00 pm

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