Thursday, December 20, 2001

[Listening to: ABC Radio National: Life Matters. Today they're doing a piece on Cousin Couples. I have a lot of cousins; I don't know how I would feel if any of them got together. This program is disturbing.]

Thursday - Holidays Day 2

So I made it out of the shopping centre alive, just. Kids, familys, women pushing prams, old people; maybe there should be lanes (stick to the left, right lane for overtaking) or maybe I should just shut up & consider it really good reflex and situational awareness training. Hey, how cool would it be to pad-up & use a full shopping mall for hockey training...

Visited a friend at Toombul (all hail the giant T!) David Jones and was invited to xmas drinks which I had to decline in order to avoid someone. One of the tragedies of the end of a friendship or other relationship is the way group dynamics change; I don't want to see one person, but to do so I have to decline social invites from people I'd like to stay friends with. I've got a large piece written on my PC in Canberra called What happens when friendship ends?; I wrote it last week but it didn't seem right at the time to post it - I may do so when I return.

Came home, went for a swim & read some more HP #4 on the veranda in the sun (how Qld, gotta love it). Drowned my salad in dressing at dinner and caught up with an old friend from uni I haven't seen in about 5 years when she came over to pick up my sisters for a BBQ (they're at SLSC together - sorry, Surf Life-Saving Club).


"I don't know Art, but I know what I like."

I like animation; if you like animation too, hopefully you caught the documentary on Chuck Jones on the ABC last night. I love Road Runner cartoons because they never fails to make me laugh. I love the lack of dialogue with emotion and thought conveyed through the eyes, the white handsigns and all the Acme products. Daffy's always a good fallback; not really big on Bugs Bunny though.

I also like what Sam Brown does over at explodingdog. I've spent a bit of time at this site since I was put onto it ages ago (never thought to link it tho) and I still can't pick a favourite. I started by looking at the pictures from my birthday, June 6th; they've got titles like "Spoon You|Spoon Me" and "Make Sarah Smile".


Going into Civic the Queen St Mall today to try & do some xmas shopping and see who I run into.

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