Sunday, December 09, 2001

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The Weekend

All in all a pretty sedate one.


Morning spent on looking for Brisbane 'blogs. While the 'net was connected I got a golden message on messagebank:

"How ya goin' Denise it's Dan, I'm not gonna go to that computer fair today, I'm um, uh, what do they call it, yeah, I'm, I'm predisposed, indisposed, disposed, previously, I'm, I'm occupied, I'm a toilet with a red sign, um, yeah. Tomorrow, let me know what your're doing because I think I'm going to do some unveiling the Hubinator5000 home theatre system. So, anyway, give me a call. See ya bloke.

Word to the peeps.

Around lunchtime met Ms S and L1 for the usual breakfast at the Black Swan. This weekend we decided to go for a walk to the National Library to see Treasures from the World's Great Libraries. The queue was a bit long and it was approaching closing time, so Ms S gave me a quick tour around the library before we wandered over to the National Gallery. L1 is quite knowledgeable about art, so I got quite an informative tour whilst also being able to take the piss out of everything & everyone there and only get disapproving looks from the security guards and not my tourguide.

I'm going to go back and see the Treasures exhibit next Monday; I don't fly to Brisbane until Tuesday night, but I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off anyways as the Department is giving us all the two days between Christmas & New Years off as leave with pay (bless their IR souls).

On the way back we stopped in at the IGA and Video Ezy and picked up the requisite components of a 'Movie & Curry Night In': curry ingredients, a couple of bottles of wine, Duece Bigalo: Male Gigalo, Aliens, A Bugs Life, Antz, 2001: A Space Odyssey (for this weeks Must-see Movie - the final for 2001) and The Birds. We chose to watch Duece Bigalo and Aliens as they were group favs that Ms S hadn't seen. She wasn't too impressed with the first (we were laughing to the point of tears), but was scared with the second (the correct response).


Continued Saturday mornings blog work looking at Brisbane blogs.

At lunchtime jumped on the board down to the Brighton. Ms S, A1 and I wandered down to the Kingston Markets. Amused the girls with the facial contortions I was making as a result of my wasabi intolerance, wandered around looking for turkish bread (couldn't find any), then helped 'em carry a proper pine christmas tree back to the apartment (love that smell).

Heading back now for a spot of tennis (I don't play, I'll just watch) & maybe a few sunday arvo drinks...

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