Saturday, January 26, 2002

[Big yawn] Slow day

Damn good J-Files last night; don't believe there's a guy out there doing all that travel to see the same show over & over again - Andrew, if you ever read this, I hope it's worth it for ya. That said, I'm getting a bit excited about the concert next week; had no idea there were so many fans in Canberra (if you're a fan in Canberra drop me a comment/email/gb entry & say hi).

Got a bad headache last night so took a couple of strong painkillers which pretty much knock you out for 8 hours; getting up this morning was so hard. Work was very slow today; there was a morning tea where an Australia Day medal was awarded & most people headed down to that for the free coffee & cakes.

Went to the RUC (ACT Rugby Union Club, Barton) for lunch for the first time in 02. Spent $5 on raffle tickets & came away with the carton of VB; Simon picked up a meat tray. It's great watching the looks on peoples faces when we come back from the RUC winners.

Very very slow for the rest of the day; still trying to teach myself how to do some basic stuff with VBA & still not getting it.

No after work drinks. Had planned to catch up with a journo mate, but when I called he said "will call you back" (I figured he was working lates atm) & so I got an apologetic sms a few hours ago. D, K and K & I spent the night just hangin out in front of the box (watched a bit of Wicked City - had forgotten how weird it was) with a few beers. T-bone called earlier in the night & tried to get me to go into Civic but I'd already decided to keep tonight low key as we're having the BBQ tomorrow.

Hopefully there'll be a movie marathon on sometime this weekend.

Posted by Dean @ 1/26/2002 12:01:00 am

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