Thursday, January 31, 2002

...Bad girls, talkin' bout bad girls...

What a concert!

Kicking off with Twenty-zero-one and finishing off with Deeper Underground, and returning with a 15 minute version of Alright, complete with sing-along, the Canberra Jamiroquai concert was a great way to start the entertainment year.

The tickets said support act was to go on at 7.30, but all we got was a dance CD. The band came on just past 9 and fired into Twenty-zero-one and then Cosmic Girl; everyone was up dancing in the aisles, well, until security got heavy & made everyone go back to their seats. One girl near us didn't seem to like that idea - she got turfed out.

Let's see - they also did Canned Heat, Mr Moon, Space Cowboy, Main Vein, Love Foolosophy, Black Crow and Grace Jones' Bad Girls. I'm sure I've left something out; drop me a comment.

It was so good being in a big crowd like that all singing along. What I couldn't believe was that the row in front of us didn't get up to dance once, not even chair-dancing (of which I became the master). About halfway through the show Jay was asking the crowd what nightclubs to go to later in the night - Tyson & I were completely shocked to hear "What? It's a school night" from two incredibly large women in the row behind us (who also didn't move at all during the night). I mean, come on, why pay $70 for a ticket to a funk band if you're just going to sit there all night auditioning for a part on Law & Order as a dead body. Seriously - there were so many people trying to buy tickets in the foyer, why didn't they just sell 'em if they weren't fans?

I had an absolute ball (or, as Roy & HG would say, I had a scrote - ie two balls). I'd love to hear from other concert-goers - pls drop me a comment or an email or something!

And the best news - they're coming back later in the year (their autumn, our spring)!

Posted by Dean @ 1/31/2002 12:52:00 am

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