Sunday, January 27, 2002

My late friday five

1. What cologne or perfume do you wear?
Ralph Lauren's Safari for Men.

2. What cologne or perfume do you like best on the opposite sex?
The D&G fragrances are nice, but then so are most of em from all of the brands. Hmm, don't know - come here & let me smell you & I'll let you know.

3. What one smell can you not stomach?
D's model paints & cleaners.

4. What smell do you like that others might consider weird?
The smell that comes just after you light a match.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?

No firm plans for today or tomorrow yet.

Saturday - Australia Day!

So how'd y'all spend Australia Day? Got up midmorning & headed up to the IGA for burger buns, salad stuff etc. Considered stopping in at Silo for a ham & cheese baguette, bought a baguette at the IGA when I realised I had the ham & cheese at home & could save the $7.

Ran home, cleaned up a bit before people started arriving. Sit down, ate baguette and started on the Australia Day crossword in the SMH while the 2001 Hottest 100 counted down.

It was really good to not be the host for a change (D hardly ever hosts things like BBQs). I'd said to myself I'll help him set up & get some stuff, but I'm not going to be running after everyone, and I really enjoyed just hanging out & catching up with people, listening to the music, making predictions of who'd be in the top 50, 20, 10 and who'd be number 1, eating, drinking etc etc

The Hottest 100 is supposedly the largest music poll in the world; they got over 500,000 votes - pretty impressive. It's something good to have an annual day around - get some mates, fire up the BBQ, tune in the radio and kick back & relax. For my money that beats heading along to some big "cavalcade of stars" concert with overpriced food & drink and the likes of Julie Anthony belting out the national anthem that people need lyric sheets to sing along to. I'm also happy that an aussie got the top spot, seeing as it normally goes to a 'novelty' song or a big name overseas act.

Came inside mid-afternoon when the heat got too much & parked ourselves in front of the cricket once the eating was done. KK was running in and out of the room every time her phone went off (she had an ad in the paper to sell her Barina as she's just picked up an MG convertable - v nice). She disappeared for a while to show the Barina to some prospective buyers & returned with an old friend from army; the rest of the night was spent with Capt R telling army stories and getting into polarising male vs female arguments that got some people in the room quite overheated. Good thing Ms' S & A had left earlier; I think there would've been punches thrown.

By 11 everyone was well & truly over the idea of hitting the town - I crawled into bed & watched the last half of Fatherland as I'd lost track of the Killer Condom plot.

Posted by Dean @ 1/27/2002 12:42:00 pm

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