Monday, January 21, 2002

Shouldn't have gotten out of bed...

What a day.

Child-minding in the morning. Cubicles were not designed for child-minding.

When I got around to actually doing some work I found the glitch in the query that stuffed up a database report last week. This, however, revealed a much bigger glitch. I managed to find the papertrail to fix most of this bigger glitch, but was still thinking that I'd made a major boo boo in November & that the reports going up the chain had be incorrect all this time.


Spent lunch sweating outside, both from the humidity and from considering what I'd be putting in a resignation letter as well as considering what I would be doing next week. Considered hitching a ride with D back to Qld. Thought that 21 Jan 02 would go down in my diary as "the day my public service career ended".

Came back into the office. Asked the boss to look through his papers. Exoneration! Relief! Sweet exculpation! One vital piece of information was never passed on to me. Glitch corrected. Job saved, credibility (mostly) intact. Many lessons learnt.

Came home - opened mail: 1x Fine for not voting in ACT elections (I went to Melbourne, didn't absentee vote). 1x Letter from old uni; didn't finish Honours course within appropriate timeframe (put thesis on hold to move to Cbr for the job) - enrolement terminated.


The mail was the straw for the camels back; called home to talk it over. Mum's disappointed about the uni thing, but did the good mum thing & knew I didn't want to talk about it so much, so moved on to the work day & switched into 'everyone makes mistakes' mode. Talked that out; pointed out that it was good that it was picked up now & sorted out rather than being left for someone else to make a big deal out of later, and that many others would've tried to cover it up & that taking the hit on it was the right course of action. Mum-talks should be prescription medicine - they always work things out.

I'm not so much disappointed about the Honours thing, I just feel bad for the folks as they kept asking when I'd be getting around to finishing the paper. I know this'll sound like rationalisation (cos it is) but it was an over-specialised course that wasn't going to get me a job in the field anyway. The only positive out of this is that I'm now free to pursue a more broadly based Grad Dip in something useful like IT, communications or commerce.

Mind you, after today I don't think it'd be at all appropriate for me to be making any big decisions right now.

No news on the housemate front; the search continues.

Posted by Dean @ 1/21/2002 07:47:00 pm

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