Wednesday, January 23, 2002


Was anyone else ultra-stuffed today? It seemed like everyone I talked to at work today just couldn't be bothered. I was having a hard time concentrating and going for a walk at lunchtime certainly didn't help. So hot, so humid!

Damn you midweek slump!

It's all ok now - had a nap when I got home & tonight we get a double dose of The Simpsons - hurrah!

In other news today - email reports reveal that employees of the Dept of Defence can no longer share in the joy that is this 'blog at work; the new 'net filter has called this site "Entertainment", and at work that's bad. Can't go distracting the people defending us can we.

So, what's everyone doing for the long weekend? D's decided to have a BBQ so we can hang out at home & listen to the Triple J Hottest 100 & watch cricket or do something equally Aussie. I think it'll be a quiet one for me; planning to head up to Syd the weekend after.

Posted by Dean @ 1/23/2002 07:44:00 pm

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