Monday, January 28, 2002


Sleeping in on sunday is sooo good. Eventually got up, went through the standard morning routines while the pc got my mail.

DT & KH got up after a little while (they'd gone down to Filthys the previous night) and headed off to wander the Australian War Memorial for a while. They came back with three movies that were a good sample of the quality spectrum if nothing else.

We watched Enemy at the Gates first. It's a WW2 movie with "the biggest production budget for a european film" or something like that. I want to know where the money went. After twenty minutes we were lost. For a 2 hour film the plot was average, dialogue contrived and continuity shocking. The domestics with yelling, screaming and smashing glass were a welcome interuption. I thought it was going to be a gritty movie about how bad the soviets were and how bad things were in Stalingrad after the first ten minutes showed us the cannon-fodder being pushed out of the trains, paired up & given one rifle for each pair and then being shown the political officers machine-gunning down the grunts who retreated from the german machine guns. No, they had to go & throw in a best-buddy friendship (how they became so close was never shown), a love interest, a falling out of friends over the girl, an unbelievably naive child character and to top it off, a typical predictable happy ending. I want those two hours of my life back. This almost rivals Rushmore for my worst movie experience ever.

We were rescued by Chocolat. Maybe it was the choc-lust distracting us from the rest of the film (the chocolates in this film looked so good), but we all thought this one was leaps and bounds ahead of Enemy at the Gates, no wonder it was nominated for so many awards. It's one of those ones where at the end everyone has a smile on their face & sits back & sighs happily. I can definately recommend this one if you're in the mood for something 'light & fluffy'.

We finished off the night with Along Came a Spider, the sequel to Kiss the Girls that sees Morgan Freeman running around chasing another psycho. It's a decent thriller with the requisite twists. I hope they make some more of the Alex Cross novels (by James Patterson) into films, but it'd be nice if they kept a bit closer to the books.

So there you have it - just in case you're skim reading here's a summary: Enemy at the Gates = avoid, Along Came a Spider = good if you like thrillers, and Chocolat = go and rent this one now.

Posted by Dean @ 1/28/2002 09:59:00 am

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