Wednesday, January 23, 2002


Well, anything was going to be better than the day I had Monday.

Average day at work - came up with a solution for a thorn in our side which is conceptually sound, but is yet to be put into practice - task one on todays list. Still having trouble getting my head around VBA though, so if anyone out there can point me in the direction of some good beginners resources (books, web sites) an email or comment would be much appreciated.

At the end of the day J stopped by my cubicle to see if things were improving; J's a top guy.

Stopped in at the bakery on the way home, then at the florist (it was poor sick Ms A's birthday - got her a boxed arrangement of Gerberas). Woman coming out of Shi hair pointed at me & said to her kid "This a good man, he takes home bread *and* flowers"...

Headed down to the Brighton to deliver the flowers after dinner & hung out over there for a couple of hours with Ms' S & A and her friends. They got her a massive candle with wheat & flowers inside from that candle shop at Woden. Apparently the thing burns for 185 hours; how did they find that out? Did they pay someone to stand next to it with a stopwatch?

So all in all Tuesday was much better than Monday, and Wednesday is looking pretty good so far...

Posted by Dean @ 1/23/2002 08:17:00 am

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