Thursday, February 28, 2002

Another productive day administering, liaising and producing...

I organised counselling today; I start next week.

Came home at lunch to let the carpet cleaning guy in & go over what I wanted done & then went & paid rent, bought the paper & wasted away an hour & a half eating and reading in Sizzle Bento.

I'll admit I became quite annoyed at the stain of indeterminable origin that'd had a half-hearted clean-up attempted on it, but then had been covered up by a mat, and the yellow marks in the empty room, but I again cast my mind back to The Consolations of Philosophy (the book I'm currently reading) and pondered the teachings of Seneca on Frustration.

Seneca once wrote to his friend (who was anxious about something) and basically told him "If you wish to put off all worry, assume that what you fear may happen is certainly going to happen". The lesson I took from this was: When you consider the absolute worst case and prepare yourself for it, whatever does happen won't seem so bad.

So I've considered the worst that could happen (me forking out for replacement of the affected carpet) and am calm. I think I shall take a leaf out of Epicurus' book and go and be with my friends in our backyard tonight and engage in our regular discussions of life, the universe and everything...

Posted by Dean @ 2/28/2002 07:36:00 pm

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