Tuesday, February 26, 2002


Not much to say really - went to work, came home, cleaned up the place a bit, had Ms S over to watch Secret Life of Us & that was about it.


I went to Tropfest on Sunday night, so did a lot of other people. I thought that the films were pretty good as a whole, but would've put the more serious ones at the start or finish as they really didn't gel with the comedies.

Wilfred (the dog) won best actor, I bet the guy in the Match outfit running around Perth must've been annoyed.

I liked the use of animation, but can't see how the basic flash 3 terrorist piece got in to the finalists.

Don't get me started on the awards presentations - I'm just going to get angry with John Poulson. Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne - enough already! And all that talking to the crowd with the "oh there's strange shit happening here..." so what, the rest of the country couldn't see it & didn't give a toss.

On a more personal note, both Ms S and Olivia got quite excited during the awards; Ms S went to school with the director of The Bank and so clapped & screamed when he was presenting, and Olivia went to school with the girl who made Lamb (the winner) and also got quite vocal.

One last thing to say; whoever hired the support entertainment for the Canberra show should be shot alongside the band.

Posted by Dean @ 2/26/2002 07:09:00 pm

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