Thursday, February 28, 2002


Quite a productive day at work, but very busy. Ran off at 16:00 to sign papers with Ange (the new housemate - she moves in this weekend) at the Real Estate Agency over at Dickson, then raced back home to move all the furniture out of the lounge so that the carpets could be cleaned on Thursday.

Then myself, along with T-bone, K-bunny, Lou & Cin, went over to Olivia's place for a joy roast complemented by a joy pavlova, lots of wine for all (except for me) and sparkling conversation. Quote of the evening went to Cin for "So what's the weirdest place you've had sex ... uh, sorry, what's your name again? "...

Many thanks to Olivia for a fantastic roast!

Posted by Dean @ 2/28/2002 07:19:00 pm

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