Friday, March 08, 2002


I woke up this morning and reluctantly (knowing what to expect at work) pulled myself out of bed. Got in at 9 & worked my butt off checking files looking desperatly for answers. At 12.40 I sent off the answers that weren't very good, but they were the best I could put together under the circumstances.

Spent the afternoon reading up on corporate communications issues and gladly finished up the day with another glass of red (I swear I'm not drinking again all weekend) and just unwinding with the section chatting etc.

Tonight we're all meant to meet up at ICBM in town which is a shitty dance club for greasy cheap 16-21's (despite the legal drinking age being 18 here in Oz); god only knows why the K-bunny would choose to spend part of her last night in Canberra in such a shithole. I'm going 'cos she's become a good friend, normally I wouldn't go near the place if you paid me.

No plans for the weekend yet.

Posted by Dean @ 3/08/2002 06:30:00 pm

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