Sunday, March 24, 2002

It's been a good weekend


Spent most of the morning ironing in front of Sunday, then did some more work on the (now available) photo album. Just after lunch, Cin called & we went down to Woden so she could get some clothes. Thankfully, she was quick and we were ready to head home in just over an hour, but then we ran into James & Erica & so stayed & had a catch-up coffee with them.


Hadn't planned anything, but ended up having breakfast with Simon W at the Turkish place on the corner in Green Square, then visited Ildy in Filthys.

Afterwards I decided to walk into town & ANU to go to the bookshop. Well, Simon walked and I cruised along on the skateboard - it was a good ride in & good catch-up conversation too.

In the evening I picked up Cats & Dogs and a couple of Voyager tapes and lay on the couch for a quiet night in. Angela had her friend Bec around & they went off & got pizza and garlic bread and drinks; it was a very pleasant night in.

Posted by Dean @ 3/24/2002 06:48:00 pm

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