Sunday, March 03, 2002

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Weekend Update

Friday Night

Into Civic for Cynan's birthday dinner at Iori Japanese Restaurant. While a big fan of Sizzle Bento's fare, I'd never eaten at a real Japanese restaurant before so I tried everything. There was sushi, miso soup, little sardines that looked quite gross but weren't too bad, tea, wasabi, soy sauce, rice and all sorts of things that I can't spell the names of. It was really good that Suzy was there to explain the what's & how's. Sitting at the semi-traditional Japanese table was cool too. I'd definately recommend this place for a good night eating out.

After dinner Angela (Cynan's sis) dropped me off at Green Square where I met up with the usual suspects at Filthys, but didn't stay long as they were all pretty full o grog & I'd missed the entry window, so I just went home to bed.


Got up & moved the furniture back to its' normal places & then waited around for Angela (the new housemate) to arrive with all of her stuff. I did a bit of cleaning before she showed up with the family friends helping her move. As I left to head up to the shops I ran into T-bone who'd been down at the Ms' S & A residence getting a sash made up for the evenings diplomatic cocktail party. We headed up to the shops to find a monkey to sit on my shoulder (I was going as Prussia with a fez and a monkey), and found one at the florist. Wrapped monkey in hand we headed around to Filthys for our irregular visit with Ildy behind the bar & stayed for about an hour. Back to Ms S' for the sash and hnug out for a bit. Afterwards T-bone returned to Belco and I went home to play the playstation Harry Potter game I'd rented earlier.

Quote of the Day: "Dyslexics: Can't live with 'em, can't oosht 'em"

Laid low for most of the afternoon watching Six Feet Under on tape & snoozing.

Then off to the cocktail party which was both a farewell for the soon-to-be-touring K-bunny and a housewarming for T-bone. There was a fair amount drunk by most (Ms S & I now both off the drink for a while) and a whole lot of 70's, 80's and 90's songs sung along to. Came home around midnight when most of the party broke up to head into Civic.

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