Monday, March 04, 2002

Nature abhors a vacuum

My day was going well; I'd gotten up early and was at my desk before 8, I had a reasonably informative meeting at 10, worked productively until 1, had a short but good lunch, an informative section meeting at 2.

At 5.15 the message came through: "I got a job in Sydney. I'm moving in May.".

I'm happy that she's figured out what she wants to do & is going ahead & doing it, but I'm going to miss her heaps, and Sydney's too bloody far to go for breakfast!

When I left at 5.30 I saw a single Galah. 'So what' you say, but Galahs normally feed in pairs. Then as I walked closer I found its' partner, or what was left of it.

A day of high motivation and high productivity ended abruptly; I have little drive to write selection criteria.

Posted by Dean @ 3/04/2002 09:13:00 pm

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