Friday, March 08, 2002


After a day of running around like a headless chook chasing up a query from the Ministers office, I decided to break my non-drinking vow, albeit briefly.

After work I was meant to meet K-bunny, T-bone, Mad Dog, K-man and Cin for a farewell K-bunny dinner. It was decided that we'd meet at the silver sculpture outside Coles at Manuka, so instead of going home I went straight to Minque and killed time by sitting outside drinking a pretty nice glass of merlot & reading my philosophy book.

We ended up back there at their noodle bar for dinner and then inside for post-dinner drinks. When Zoe pulled out some 2 for 1 drink vouchers for FM's we all knew where we'd be going. After about an hour there, T-bone, Mad Dog & I headed down to Filthys to catch up with the gang, most of whom had headed home half an hour prior. We stayed until midnight & I slept heavily; it hadn't taken me much to feel quite relaxed.

Posted by Dean @ 3/08/2002 06:26:00 pm

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