Wednesday, March 06, 2002

What a day...

Couldn't drag myself out of bed early enough to get to the desk by 8 today, so made it to the 8.30 workshop 10 minutes late & sat there silent for an hour & a half save a few words at the start - why did I bother?

Back to the desk liasing, corresponding and drafting, a normal lunch, then busy afternoon running after info requested by the Ministers office. Shot over to the doctor for my next immunisation shot then back to work to continue coordinating and drafting and putting the finishing touches on some selection criteria for a job. Left at 7 after sending the draft job app over to the Dancing Cowboy in WA (he's da editing bomb!).

Got home just in time for The Simpsons; "Toy's 'L' Us" and Little Tibet - Ha!

Heading up the road to have a catch-up drink with TJ soon. I was going to show y'all some photos, but realised they were still over at Olivia's place, so that'll have to wait.

Posted by Dean @ 3/06/2002 08:39:00 pm

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