Sunday, April 21, 2002

Boys Day Out (aka Dude Day II)

Dude Day I took place for Mike's brithday in January 2001. It started with an expensive lunch and ended 13 hours later; I still have two burn scars on my hands from that day.

The second Boys Day Out took place yesterday for TJ and Tom's birthdays (last Friday). People came and went as is the way with these rolling-event days. A good crew was out, with TJ, Ramah, Ross, Simon, Steve, Dirty Bob, Andrew, Mark, Tommy G and Tom H and the ever-audible Alistair coming along. Mike joined up with us at the Kingo after study and Daniel made it along to Filthies after running around with his Army Reserve unit.

We started at 11am with 18 holes of Pitch & Putt, which isn't quite golf, but is still more than putt putt. I did surprisingly well at it. I don't know how the other guys went (we had two groups of four and one of three).

Final results for Team 1: 1st - Dirty Bob (82), 2nd - Deano (84), 3rd - Tommy G (91), 4th - Atkoscovich (93).  Par 54.

Finished off around 2.30pm and moved on to the Kingo for steaks and just in time too; as soon as we started cooking the brooding sky decided to open up. Tom was the one brooding when one of the staff came over to check we had our own steaks as a stupid woman, who'd dropped her food on the BBQ and then walked away, threw a tantrum and started accusing the other patrons of stealing her steaks and leaving others behind.

Lunch consumed, we spent the afternoon around the pool tables with Dirty Bob and Ross clearly identified as the pool sharks in the group. From there down to Filthies for a few hours, Al & Tom content with their beers and cigars, darts played and yawning commencing, which is when I called it a night.

I think I can safely say that a good day was had by all.

Posted by Dean @ 4/21/2002 11:29:00 am

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