Friday, April 26, 2002

Bus adventures

Sometimes, when I want to go somewhere and have time to kill, I take bus adventures.

My first was accidental and saw me exploring the northern suburbs one early evening on my way to Westfields Belconnen which turned out to be closed by the time I had gotten there.

Today I decided to make full use of my flex day, so up at 8.30 and out of the house by 9. Rent paid, films submitted for development, it was off to Woden for me. Normally I would get the 38 to Woden, which passes through Manuka, Griffith, the bad side of Narrabundah and then over the hill, past the Hospital and around to the Mall. Today, however, I arrived at the bus stop just in time to get the 84. Praise the 84! Instead of creeping through the 'bundah past the houses complete with cars sitting on blocks in the front yard, the 84 treats its passengers to a cruise through Yarralumla past the pedantically manicured gardens of the well-to-do and visiting diplomatic families. The difference was remarkable; instead of just arriving, I felt like I'd been treated to something special, like the business class of buses, with scenery.

Posted by Dean @ 4/26/2002 02:50:00 pm

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