Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Damn you Channel Nine!

How hard is it to put an ad on around 10.30 telling us that "Due to the funeral you could be watching on the ABC, we're pushing all of our programming back 30 minutes"? Bit too hard for them it seems.

Luckly I set a tape up regardless.

Now that I've got that out of my system...


It's the final countdown

It's done. The report I've been working my butt off on for the last couple of weeks is as complete as I can make it, now I can get on with the rest of the things piling up in my in-tray.

The good news at work this week is that one of our number is leaving us on acting higher duties elsewhere, so in a fortnight we'll be spared the unfunny, ill-considered attempts at humour and ill-informed self-promotion, well, for a few months at least (by which time I hope to be elsewhere).



Matt's site has been reviewed.


In Retrospect

One thing that always gets me sad and angry are stray dogs.

On Monday my nose wouldn't stop running, so at lunchtime I walked down to the chemist at the local shops to get some cold & flu drugs. While I was there a dog, a beautiful Border Collie, was doing what hungry dogs do; going around, sitting and staring at people sitting outside the bakery, looking sad with eager looks, sitting still, then tail wagging like crazy when someone threw him their leftovers. He had a collar and tag, so I was happy to see he had somewhere to go home to, but still felt bad that the owner hadn't done enough to make sure he didn't wander. I was going over to check the tag and call the owner, but someone got to that before me.

I miss Tess:

My Dog Tess

(Picture will be up when Bigpond gets its shit together)


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