Thursday, April 25, 2002

It's only been three days and I'm getting e-mails asking if I'm ok because I haven't posted. Thanks for the concern, but the reason I haven't been posting is because I've been out doing stuff, work stuff mostly, and everything's good except for the newly-returned shocks in my hand (more nerves reconnecting I hope), and y'all don't wanna hear about work do you? Suffice to say that I've been working really hard and long hours at work and it's all starting to pay off; the work I've been doing is getting recognition from the Secretary (the head dude) and the high level committees at work and I'm told the Secretary wants to use the system I've developed and the processes used to do more things across the department.

Now, I have some questions for you...

Vox Pop

Socrates started it, Graham Kennedy and Pete Smith did it on In Melbourne Tonight, then Tony Martin and Mick Molloy did it on The Late Show, Andrew L Urban made a whole show out of it, now our very own Tyson has a video camera and is stopping people on the streets to ask them the tough questions.

Tyson left town on Tuesday on a three week, four continent world tour to discuss digital records preservation with the worlds top authorities on the subject. USA, UK, Europe and Africa on the work dollar - it's all good. Before he left he grabbed Cin's old VHS-C camera and asked for ideas, so this week I sent him an email with his first vox pop questions and tasked him with quizzing at least five people on the streets of wherever he was:

"What is the worst swear word you know?"


"Fuck is becoming passe and the C word (I still can't write or say it) is becoming what fuck used to be in terms of shock strength; What's the next big swear word?"

Over to you, world.

Posted by Dean @ 4/25/2002 02:53:00 pm

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