Sunday, April 14, 2002

The Shit-list

People dress up and come from all over town to Kingston; there are a lot of places to eat here. I live here. I've eaten at almost every one of those cafes and restaurants, well, at least most of the ones that have a breakfast menu.

If the pub is our backyard, then the cafes and restaurant are our kitchen-with-breakfast-bench. They are where we get together most Saturday and Sunday mornings to reconstruct and deconstruct the night before, where we disect news and current affairs and work, where we make up 'What if?' shows and make JFK a member of the Beastie Boys.

Most of these places are on a shit-list; a list of places we refuse to go because of poor quality product or bad service. This morning, one new place that had been on the list in pencil got inked in.

If Deztiny was named because you might get what you ordered one day, then it was aptly named. I've been there about six times now; only one time have I been attended to promptly and gotten my order in a reasonable time. Other times drinks have just not arrived. This morning a couple on our table only got drinks and food after prompting, and we were told (not for the first time) that the delay was because they didn't have enough clean dishes.

I know this is sounding like a rant, because it is one; I worked for a good four years in hospitality of one sort or another and even though I really didn't like the work, it taught me a few things. If you're really busy on the weekends, roster more people on the weekends. If you don't have enough cutlery and crockery and your mid-week patronage doesn't justify buying more, hire it for the weekends. Don't make your customers think that they need to bring their own teapots and plates and cups if they really want to enjoy your quite good eggs or french toast.

"There is another..."

Chris found out that The Durham (the English pub in Green Square, next door to Filthy's) does good ol' fashioned english breakfasts, so it looks like that'll be the next regular breakfast venue now that the weather's getting frostier.

Posted by Dean @ 4/14/2002 08:35:00 pm

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