Saturday, April 27, 2002

This morning while plowing through my ironing (I washed almost all of my wardrobe over the last three days and took a lesson from the book of TJ and decided to get it all done so I could not worry about ironing for at least another week or two) I tuned in to the new ABC music / youth culture / 'look what you're missing on digital tv' / Rage-replacement show. I have to admit Saturday Morning Fly is growing on me.

I don't get throwing crap food together and feeding it to a dog, but I like the idea of sending a film crew out to a location and having a couple of locals show you around town. I felt sad for the trio of Britney addicts but thought they made excellent subjects for a tragic mini-documentary. It was a small loss of innocence when I saw that some of the Triple J presenters who pop up on the show really do have faces for radio, but was impressed with the neo-funk, On Inc-without-the-flute band Stan Lee at the Push On competition.

Also, for the first time, Ali G made me laugh (I tried to watch the show, honestly I did, but it just didn't work for me) with his "Would you be against animal testing if the product was for animals?" question.

Posted by Dean @ 4/27/2002 01:04:00 pm

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