Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Today my branch is getting together to farewell Mike and welcome Dave, Jeff and Patrick; we're going to Yum Cha somewhere in Civic.

"What's yum cha?" asks Angela over breakfast.

"Imagine if there was a restaurant where you sat at your table and airline stewards walked between tables pushing their little carts & as they past your table they would stop and tell you they had rubbery steak or some wierd egg abomination, except that they're chinese and the food is good, but only in small portions. You get to choose single serves of the things you might wanna try."

"Cool - chinese airline people and you don't have to fly anywhere."

Today's my first Canberra Yum Cha - can't wait - Yum Cha is joy.

Posted by Dean @ 5/28/2002 08:26:00 am

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