Sunday, June 02, 2002

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Extremely Bad Taste

On the way to the Hyperdome in search of a hammer drill for Louise, Kat, Chris, Louise and I came up with a game we'd like made (if there are any games developers out there): "Extremely Bad Taste". Part Grand Theft Auto 3, part Crazy Taxi, part Sims.

The player takes on the role of someone in the music industry - A&R Guy, Commercial DJ, an Indie producer etc each with different taste profiles pre-defined - or you can take some time to put yourself in the game by creating a custom character with your likes and dislikes.

The player can undertake missions or can play in roaming mode; in both modes the objective is to keep your Taste Meter from hitting zero. The Taste Meter goes up or down depending on your actions in Tastetown (the game environment). Tastetown is divided up into neighbourhoods like in GTA3 but along genres: Pure Pop/Fairy Floss Town (which includes Boy Band Road and Pop Princess St), Doof Doof Town, Latino Town, Brit Pop Town, Seattle, Folk / Festival Town, Supergroup Town etc. New towns could come out as you progress through the game, with add-on packs / online play extending the game.

In these towns roam the performers. The level of your taste meter will depend on how you interact with the performers and other music industry people and what your taste profile is. If you're a Commerical FM DJ and you shoot Britney Spears, you're gonna be in trouble, but if you find the limo and take her to the record label to sign another deal your meter will go up. If you're a techno-head and you go into Country and Western Town and you don't take people out, you're in trouble. If you're a cowboy and you get the taxi and drive fans to the Willie Nelson Tribute Show and sing along with them the meter will go up. You could even get torture points if you took Britney into C&W Town and dropped her off at a CD Signing and promo performance stage. You get the idea...

If you play through enough towns, the tour buses will start to appear. Again, what you have to do to increase your taste meter will depend on the character you're playing and if you're on a mission or not; a record label bigwig might've hired you to take out Mariah cos she's costing you too much money and's just flaked out, or you might just want to take out the Spice Girls double-decker tour bus just because they shit you, who knows.

If Aussie players get the Oz Edition and watch carefully, they might spot Molly Meldrum; pick Molly up and you'll be taken to the secret Countdown level, where Sherbet will be playing Howzat over & over & over again, until you stop them. Molly also has the power to help or hinder bands depending on where you take him. US players might get the same sort of thing from a Total Request Live VJ and the Brits might get whoever hosts Top of the Pops for example.

So here're some towns & performers we've got so far:

Pop Princesses:
- Kylie
-Jessica Simpson
-Mandy Moore
-Christina Agulera
-Mariah Carey
- Sophie Ellis Bextor
Pop Princes:
- N'sync
- Backstreet Boys
- Five
- Westlife
- New Kids on the Block
- Human Nature
- Jeremy Jordan
- Nirvana
Folk / Festivals:
- Bob Dylan
- The Mamma's and the Pappa's
- Ricky Martin
- Gloria Estefan
- J-lo
- Shakira
- Limp Bizkit
- 28 Days
Doof Doof:
- Fat Boy Slim
- Moby
Brit Pop:
- Oasis
- Blur
- Marilyn Manson
- Nick Cave
- Eminem
- Vanilla Ice
- Marky Mark
- Rolling Stones
- U2
- Pink Floyd
- John Farham
- Cold Chisel
- Regurgitator
- George
- Sherbert
- Hoodoo Gurus
- Mental As Anything
- Hunters and Collectors
- Powderfinger
- You Am I
- Magic Dirt
- Spiderbait
- Rat Cat
- The Saints
- The Church

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