Tuesday, June 18, 2002

For the record

Just a few additions to T-bone's wonderful trip down memory lane...


The Filthies Tome of Wisdom spoke thus...

- Wrenched ankles are fucked
- I am the Specialist
- Hey, lil' less yackin', lil' more Doctorin'
- Denmark, Land of Wonder

Sometime between the girls coming back from dinner and everyone crashing, the soccer was on at the pub. Soccer must, of course, be accompanied by chants. The one that we'd been chanting for a while seemed to irritate the new bouncer (who didn't know we were regulars), so much so that he tripped over his own brain with the line "Look I don't give a shit, I just don't want to hear any swearing". So the chant had to be modified somewhat from

Went down pub,
drank 10 pints,
got completely plastered.
Then went home 'n' beat the wife,
I'm a dirty English bastard!
Dirty English Bastard!


Went down to,
the local purveyor of alcoholic beverages,
drank responsibly.
Then went home,
had a meaningful discourse with my significant other,
I'm a miscellaneous European person!
Miscellaneous European Person!*

* Includes those people part of the European Economic Area & the NATO Partnership for Peace. Excludes people of an extremist persuasion. FIFA Approved.


One thing T-bone didn't mention was that on Sunday evening my attention was divided between the tension-filled soccer football game and the table of tourists in front of us at Filthies. Well, one in particular... young, cutest thing I've seen in Filthies in ages, and when she spoke... an English accent that made me melt in my seat - not posh, not cockney, perfect. Pity she was part of a tour group. (Oz Experience put groups in a motel around the corner from my place, very close to Green Square)

Monday & Tuesday

Nothing to report except that Ms S just cooked myself and Pawnstar a great dinner of Bangers & Mash, work plods along and I found out some news that annoyed me about someone else's career progression, and there is no West Wing due to soccer football. That is all.

Posted by Dean @ 6/18/2002 11:09:00 pm

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