Monday, June 17, 2002

Tonight the part of Dean will be played by... T-bone

I have some photos of the three birthday events from the last fortnight, I just haven't gotten around to scanning them. While I do, I've decided to let T-bone guest host for a bit; here's his piece on the weekend...

It was with great pleasure that accepted Dean's offer to guest write on Elsewhere Today and have the privelege of relaying to you the weekend's events. As we basically did the same stuff all weekend it will portray an accurate record of Dean's life (this site being the rosetta stone from which future generations will unlock the secrets of gen x) but from an angle as yet unseen on this blog. It all started Friday afternoon at 2pm [cue harp music and wavy screen effect....]


Flicking it didn't seem to help. It never does in the movies either but it is something you have to do, like the girl always has to look around when the guy says "Don't look now but I think we are being followed". Still no matter how much I tapped on the glass my will power meter was on zero. It was time to cut school. I didn't have any great plans I just didn't want to be at work anymore. I put the word out and Dean replied that he too was ready to ditch 7th period maths and head off early. I went & met Dean, had coffee with Mad Dog and then headed for the shopping Mecca that is Westfields Belconnen. We both had reasons for our respective commercial hajjs and we aided eachother in their completion. Mine was to buy the board game Operation, some walkie-talkies and investigate how much my drinking suit would cost (see Appendix A). Toys 'R' Us looked after my needs swimmingly and before you could say a word that takes about 15 minutes to say I had my boardgame and the walkie-talkies. Score one for team T-bone! We had to get 9V batteries for the walkie talkies so Dean went to Clints to get them at a bargain basement price while I ducked into Lowes to see how much overalls cost. A measly $65 will buy me some navy blue overalls perfect to serve as the foundation for my drinking suit. Dean got the batteries and so my pilgrimage was complete. Now began PANTSQUEST! Dean needed cords. Note I used the word need here and not want. He NEEDED cords like a drunk needs a bad hotdog at 3am. Unfortunately Belco thwarted our heroes attempts to find the right slacks. I left him in his despondent state as he wandered the food court in search of a burger to assauge his retail pain.

Now the rest of Friday night gets pretty sad. I got home and defrosted some meat in preparation for cooking up a storm (a bachelor luxury as opposed to the evryday chore normal people are forced to endure). I spoke to my parents and a couple of Adelaide friends on the phone then settled down on my inflatable sofa (you're really seeing the bachelor thing now huh?) to watch, now this is bad, Sleepless in Seattle. Now I need to point out that as a beer swilling, rugby playing, former trained killer I am pretty comfortable in my masculinity. Why do I cry in chick flicks then? Is it my sensitive side or am I just a big blouse? I couldn't answer this question as I was so enraptured in Nora Ephron's masterful story telling but I will face the question again next time some other Meg Ryan tissue grabber comes on. Feeling pretty damn pathetic on a Friday night I called Dean to see what excitement he was up to. You guessed it, he was parked on the couch watching Tom and Meg edge ever closer to true love as well. We later found out that Louise too was forcing back a tear as an armchair enveloped her. Generation X is the party generation......most of the time.


After a solid nights sleep that I really needed, I packed up my supplies and headed to Kingston. I live in Bruce which is quite some way away but I am an adult with an independent income so I did as I pleased and caught a cab (yes Carol I do it quite alot). Our intended morning activity was three a side soccer in the park but the weather wasn't being kind. Louise decided breakfast was the go and so the six of us that showed up cooked up a storm and drank champagne in a hedonistically perfect way to start the weekend. Now you will note I said the six of us. It should have been the seven of us but Dean had decided that continuing Pantsquest was more important than playing three aside football in the park. We all make mistakes and we forgive him for it. The weather cleared briefly and so off to Telopea park we went for some of the finest three aside park football the world has ever seen. The teams were Kat, Chris and Ross on one side and myself, Lou and another Chris on the other. We played four halves and golden goal time with a total playing duration of about 20minutes. We all concluded that we are unfit beer swilling bastards and that we need to do this way more often to get fitter. Having made that resoloution we headed to the pub for an end of game beer and hoisted a toast to Chris, Kat and Ross for their 3-2 victory. After showers and a change of clothes it was back to the pub for Activity Day.

We started by playing Operation which I sucked at and then moved on to Risk. The Risk game went for quite some time with quite some beer attached. I forget who won (I got eliminated so I lost interest) but everyone enjoyed the game, Ross certainly did as he told me "...this is the best afternoon ever!" and then drooled some more. We ate pizza at the pub and then I thought I would go home at about 8:30. I got to the cab when Dean rang to tell me I left my jumper behind. I went back to get it and got enveloped in a game of darts. Then the England v Denmark game came on and I knew I was going to be there for a while. The girls came back from their girlie dinner and the beer continued to flow until about 1am when we all pulled up stumps and headed home. I crashed in Louise's spare bed (again) and slept like the dead.


Awoke at about 9am with that whole "Where the hell am I?" thing going on. Established that I was in Louise's spare bed and order in the universe was restored. I messaged people (including Louise, voice communication is so '90s!) to establish what the breakfast plan was. Liv, Dean, Louise and I wandered up to Green Square and had omlettes, bruschetta and other treats that were entirely satisfying. Following this Dean and I went back to his place to play Playstation while Liv went to rehearsal and Louise waited for Big Kev's return from 'Nam!

Dean and I played Driver 2 and drove the streets of Chicago with The Blues Brothers soundtrack on. It is very simple to keep men amused. Then we swapped to Michael Jackson which made the car chases a whole lot funnier. TJ stopped by and enjoyed the mirth for a while and when he left we decided to watch Zoolander, a film I was yet to have the pleasure of seeing ("Obey my dog!"). The film over, we wandered back to the pub to watch Senegal V Sweden with Brett (single bed boy). We dined on a whole roast chicken, bread and hommus drank a beer or two and got annoyed by a very pissed feral who thought talking to us would be a delight. It wasn't! He sucked! He left and shortly thereafter so did we to go watch Ocean's Eleven. Such a high class film, it's very cool. After the movie it was back to the pub for lemon squashes and Ireland v Spain. Kat and Chris joined us and after something like 115mins Spain got the better of the gallant Irishmen. It was great to watch the game at the pub though, I love that crowd atmosphere. At around 1215 I hopped in a cab and arrived at my house about 40 hours after left. Another successful weekend in the nation's capital.

Appendix A - The Drinking Suit: I intend to create a suit designed for the mind altering bender that we all know and love. The drinking suit will be some heavy duty King Gee overalls, knee and elbow pads, a blue giggle hat and black GP boots. My name will be stencilled on my back and I will get beer sponsorship patches. When I arrive at the pub in my drinking suit, look out world!

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