Thursday, June 06, 2002

What a day.

Thanks for all the well-wishes; sorry I was so busy that I couldn't take all of your calls today (to those that called, or tried to and got my work voicemail).

Today started off quiet, got really really really busy in the middle, then tapered off in the afternoon. When I got to work Natalie had given me the first gift of the day: a couple of squishy stress-ball type things - one a globe and the other a star - they're very cool and judging by todays use I think I definately need them and use them.

At lunch I came into Kingston where the Doc gave me perhaps the best present I could get today - the final blood tests after the incident have come back all clear! Relief thy name is clear test results. I also treated myself to a completely overpriced salmon sandwich at Silo, but was underwhelmed when I got it back to work at made time to eat it.

In the afternoon the whole section took an hour off; we all went into Gus' for coffee and cake for my birthday and also because we've all been working really really hard of late & figured now was a good time to reward ourselves.

Tonight I'm wandering up to the pub (after I call Mum - she left voicemail on both the home and work phones as I'd missed both calls today). The main celebration though is on Saturday - I've booked out the terrace out the back of Rubicon at Griffith and plan to spend the whole afternoon there! With about twenty people coming it should be a fun afternoon.

A few people have been asking me what I want; I prefer to be surprised by what people think I want / like. There are some definate things I don't like though:
- Consumables - esp alcohol and chocolate
- Novelty stuff ie ties (boxers are ok tho - who's gonna see 'em? But then again, if no ones gonna see 'em, what's the point ...Hmm...)
- Gift vouchers - Nothing says "I don't know you enough to know your likes and dislikes" than a gift voucher

Hope you had a good unbirthday, cos I've had a great birthday - thanks all!

Posted by Dean @ 6/06/2002 06:07:00 pm

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