Saturday, July 13, 2002

In local entertainment news, the Kingston Masif gathered at the village pub Thursday night and were met by the Bartonian trio. Onlookers may have noticed the group celebrating a round of recent promotions, new jobs and other assorted work successes.

Talks around the local sitcom Everybody Loves Bruce, currently in preproduction, were suspended in favour of concept talks around a new Becker-esque sitcom My Cup Runeth Over, which is said to feature a counsellor who deals exclusively with women with bust issues. Preliminary casting decisions were made using the 'flash' technique.

Further production talks were held Friday night, but whispers surrounding a new talent show were quashed by supposed executive producer and host- T-bone when he was informed celebrity judge Bernard King was not approached and it was discovered that the first contestant, known only as Neo-Meakin, "couldn't sing to save herself".


The second of two Harry Potter quizes will be broadcast on the Radio National network at 1pm today and will be streamed online.


In local sporting news, Round 5 of the Tooheys Happy Christmas Professor Ovington 1970 Cup Plate Shield football competition (formally known as the BB Cup before the sponsorship deal) kicks off at Telopea Park School today at 11am. Tipsters are keeping their predictions to themselves this weekend, saying anything could happen given the upset by Team Red last weekend, some notable abscences and the possibility of some new players running on.

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