Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Time for the news (aka a grab-bag of stuff I've come across recently):


In local news, a partial history of new football icon Professor Ovington was discovered today. T-bone has more...

In some newly gathered information it has been revealed that Professor J D Ovington (ANU - Retired) is a world expert in whales and aboriginal subsistence whaling. He is alive and lives in Hughes. We have his address and phone number so it would be quite something to have him at the presentation night to hand over some awards.

Discovery - when the internet and procrastination combine!
In other identity-discovery news, researchers revealed today that they may have a strong lead as to the identity of newfound pub foreign correspondent codenamed "Lambchop". "Lambchop" rose to obscurity during the recent World Cup, making her debut when contacted on location in Paris for comment on the dismal performance of the french national team.


"Vincent rides in front singing tribal songs. My brother rides behind singing Frank Sinatra."
The African adventures of our own moonlighting reporter-cum-crooner T-bone were recently documented by the entirely more professional and capable journalist Sally Sara, who also moonlights as T-bone's sister. Here's Sally's piece "On horseback through the mountains of Lesotho".


Muggles world-wide almost went mad over the news that the latest Harry Potter book had hit the streets recently. The book, eagerly-awaited but not due for release until mid-2003, went on sale in China, plot similarities to The Hobbit and a disturbing focus on personal hygene notwithstanding.


In researching her upcoming Whale-watching expedition our resident pagan made a startling discovery. Here's Ms S with more via Triple J...
"Male right whales have the largest testes in the animal kingdom. Each pair weighs about 1 tonne, the same weight as a new-born right whale! "

An unnamed Commonwealth public servant came close to resigning today when he discovered that Think Tanks in the US actually paid people to write papers entitled "Biowar and the 'Buffy Paradigm' ".

He also questioned career decisions today after reading in The Australian's IT section that database administrators could earn just over $80,000 per annum in the current IT marketplace. This is somewhat higher, but somewhat less secure, than his current APS salary, so he decided that things could be worse and got back to work.


This correspondent's favourite pop-philosophy guy, Alain de Botton, has a piece on books and travel in The Times. If asked for comment, de Botton may have said
"Hey, I have a new book to promote, and if it'll get me another tv series where I travel around on the network's pound they can use any extract they want."

The amazing creative talent of this correspondent was recognised by both local and international film forum participants today when links to the Awards Show Drinking Game were posted on an awards enthusiasts web site. The game was invented in the sleepy Canberra suburb of Hackett in 2000 and successfully field-trialled by then-housemate TJ and friend GMS among others.

In the interests of public safety this correspondent would like to state that while reports on this site would seem to indicate otherwise, he advocates moderation over binge drinking at all times. Furthermore, he recommends that all drinking games (including his) be played with the smallest portions possible, should non-alcoholic drinks not be available. This lesson was learnt by this correspondent a long time ago when his inability to keep up with peers on beers was discovered.


and finally...

The differences in senses of humour across the Atlantic were again made apparent recently through two web sites focusing on the subject of Tourettes Syndrome, with the American site clearly playing straight-man to the British offering.


It's coming up on 10.30pm, time now for the post-soccer, post-tennis return of The West Wing...

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