Thursday, August 08, 2002


On Sunday night I'd been flicking through the Weekend Australian Magazine & came across the horoscopes which said

Something you've been non-stop crazy to get is about to be yours. Now all you need do is attempt to look nonchalant about it. Cull off any desperati indicators. With a Mars-Pluto synergy in play, you're charging around the place, accomplishing both the big and the small with equal flair. As Venus is about to move into harmony, remember the thank-you notes, names of people's children and fine art of flossing. Friday is ultra-fantastic.
So imagine my surprise when I get a call Monday morning offering me a job; same department, same level, different building, different function. I was surprised not because I doubted I'd get it, but because it was Monday and not Friday. Perhaps there's another surprise waiting in the wings...

Monday night catch-up pints was followed by a roast dinner care of The Durham with some very revealing conversation. All in all a top day.


Average work day. Headed home at the regular time, ate & headed into The Aree Bar for Karaoke, which T-bone attends regularly, but I've never been to (at that venue anyway). It was so much fun. T-bone, K-man, Ms O and the Pawnstar got up & belted out the tunes; Rita and I weren't game enough - maybe next time (mind you we were singing at the table, once the drinks kicked in). Got home at 2am...


...which is why I had a great deal of trouble getting up. Came into work late, but managed to work through the drowsiness and actually got heaps of work done.

After work I picked up the Lord of the Rings DVD that I'd pre-ordered & headed home for a quiet night in. That plan went down the drain when, about halfway through the film, T-bone, Big Kev and the Pawnstar appeared at my door. Without a word I was picked up fireman-style and carried downstairs to Elenors place for card-on-forehead drinking games, which I complied with until the beer met the milo I'd had half an hour previously and made me feel really really queasy.


Ben, a mate from Sydney, came down for a job interview today, so I caught up with him over lunch in Civic. We opted for Vallentino's, one of the cafes in Garema Place, but had to question the place when we were told they didn't have any mayonaise for the toasted sandwiches - none at all. What sort of eating establishment doesn't keep a stock of basic condiments?

Tonight I plan to watch the rest of Fellowship of the Ring and I'm not answering the door for anyone.

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