Sunday, September 29, 2002


Came home & cleaned up before Amelia's arrival. Helped her unpack the car (about 6 bags for an overnight stay - and I thought I was a bad packer) before walking around the Kingston shops trying to decide where to eat. As everything we were keen on was booked up we wandered up to Manuka to continue the search & decided on Deep Dish who were nice enough to sit us late with no booking. Why is it that restaurants always give you an odd number of pieces of the starter breads when you have even numbers at the table? Anyway, after getting through our Paella and Porterhouse mains we took our time finishing off our bottle of red which must've annoyed the staff who were cleaning up around us, obviously wanting to finish up and go home.

We skipped stopping in at the pub as Mils had had a long drive from Victoria and most of the gang was having a night off from the pub. Instead we went home with a bottle of Golden Botrytis and crashed on the couches in front of Lord of the Rings but ended up falling asleep within a half-hour.


Saturday began unusually with breakfast with Mil's friend from Vic and her cousin before soccer. Five minutes into the game I began to regret the delicious but over-filling hashbrowns with scrambled eggs & bacon as the combination of juice, coffee and breakfast were shaken around together, primarily by me running. Thankfully my second wind kicked in quickly and I avoided a digestive evacuation incident. It was a good fun game for all involved with the teams pretty even and a lot of running and passing involved and seriousness, glory-hogs and violence all absent.

After putting in the obligatory time at post-game half-pints and breakfast sans Surly Gus I farewelled Mils and went to the movies. Austin Powers in Goldmember has a lot of clever cameos, a few laugh-out-loud sequences, but for the most part was laboured. Maybe I should've opted for The Bourne Identity...

With everyone away or busy, Saturday ended with a quiet night in. Killed time watching old episodes of John Safran's Music Jamboree on tape while waiting for the ninth and final series of The X Files to start. I was ready to let The X Files go at the end of the last season, but now I have to see it out to the conclusion, and with Ten showing two episodes every weekend it shouldn't take too long. They should've ended it at the end of the last season; the plots are rehashed but now we get two new leads who just don't have the rapport that Anderson and Duchovny had; in fact Anderson, Pileggi and the three Lone Gunmen all looked bored.

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