Thursday, September 19, 2002

My brain hurts

Quick recap of the last week or so:

1. Real estate issues;

2. Finishing up my old job; handing over a major departmental reporting requirement to another part of the department; and

3. Started my new job today. New building, new desk, new (crappier) PC, new phone number to learn, new door combo to learn, new safe combo to learn, new names and faces, new security procedures to learn, new mostly-everything.

I'll post something more comprehensive on the weekend, when I can stop & catch up.

Hope everything's nice & stable whereever you are...

Coming up:

Friday: Uni alumni Canberra-chapter drinks.
Saturday: Soccer, Party.
Sunday: Movies & dinner @ home.

Posted by Dean @ 9/19/2002 07:17:00 pm

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