Monday, September 23, 2002

Sunday was an excellent day. With a warm, bright sunny day I wandered up to the shops, picked up a magazine & sat reading over a coffee & breakfast in Green Square some time around 11. I got the call that the express car to Yum Cha was departing in 5 minutes, so scoffed down the savoury croissant, sculled the latte and ran home to drop off the shopping before lunch.

Yum Cha at Superior Peking Restaurant on Northborne Ave was, as always, joy. Jug after jug of Coke was consumed by the table of morning-after-the-night-before seedy party people as the dutiful attendants brought us dish after dish of hangover-repelling fatty food.

The rest of the afternoon was taken up with the mundane-but-necessary laundry and shopping for dinner.

The gang arrived just after 5pm; we spent the next two hours out on the front balcony soaking up the twilight sun, enjoying the company, the beer, and someone else (me) hosting for a change. I made Swiss Chicken, T-bone made salad & dressing & we sat eating in front of Not Another Teen Movie. All in all an excellent way to spend a Sunday evening.


"Drink this you Harry-Potter-lookalike c&%t"

So I took the bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label that'd appeared next to my head, courtesy of the hand of Filthy Bob who was sitting behind me in the maxi-taxi, and took a swig to cheers all 'round.

We'd started the night with a small dinner at First Floor, met some of the gang & had a few beers at the pub & now were off to a birthday party hosted by a couple we'd met once or twice at the pub and other parties. We walked in & found that one critical piece of information - the fact that it was a 'blue' fancy dress party - had been omitted, but then found the eskies, deposited the beer and set out mingling, dancing, sitting by the fire chatting & doing other regular party things. A slight hiccup came in the form of the ejection of T-bone and Filthy Bob for bottle-breakage, but Pawnstar, Rita, Cliffy & I stayed on for a few more hours.



I'd been worried that I'd been assigned to the square section of my new area at work for the previous two days until late on Friday afternoon whereupon my new boss muttered "fucking shit" not-so-quietly and I knew everything would be cool. That reassessment was confirmed when we were directed to leave work at 4pm and make our ways to King O'Malleys for Directorate drinks. We bonded over stories of mallot-wielding maniac housemates, infamous stabbing incidents and discussions on the liability of first-aid knowledgable people in the event they do not act when they should.

The evening continued with a drinks, mingling and a talk on the topic of Critical Infrastructure Protection by Prof Bill Caelli at my Canberra-chapter uni alumni get-together. While the talk was interesting, it didn't really cover much material I didn't already know, but seeing some old uni friends who're now in town was good.

The evening concluded - as it does most Friday nights - at the pub, where I practiced flirting with a graduate from work, much to the amusement of the gang. Practice makes perfect, does it not?



First day in the new job. I had 'new'-overload; new people, new numbers, new address, new everything. After 7 hours of being taken around & talked at I was sure my brain was going to melt & ooze out of one or both of my ears. I had to pay attention carefully though, as my boss is away all this week and I don't want a monumental stuff up in my first week.

I was also anxious because there was a house inspection scheduled. I'd cleaned most of the place the night before while my housemate disappeared to see Goldmember on a free ticket & was praying that I'd done enough, as we're already having issues with the idiot Real Estate property manager accusing us of missing rent for two weeks, so I didn't want to give them any excuse for getting heavy & maybe trying to evict us. We have rent reciepts, but when you're dealing with a pack of luddite ineffectual morons you don't want to give them any room to manoeuvre.


Previous Weekend

To cut a long story short; I had my man-PMT so was tired, irritable and snappy & so I stayed at home away from everyone. I was quite productive though; I got my tax done, cleaned my room and had some much needed quiet time.

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