Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Tinker, Tailor ... Taxi driver, Pimp ?

Friday Night - Celebrating James' return from overseas with a 'Boys Night Out', Dean, Dan & James call a taxi to get them from dinner into town...

"Evening boys, where're you off to?"

"Civic thanks mate."

"What've you been up to?"

"Ah y'know, just had some dinner, gonna head into town & see what happens."

"Well boys, I've just got one bit of advice for ya's. Don't go putting eighty bucks worth of grog into some chick you wanna root. You just call me [hands over his card] and I'll set you up with one of my select ladies. I've got an Asian bird, a black chick, a couple of blondes, and ya know what, I'm not judgemental; one in five people I set up say to me 'Bill, I want a bloke.', and ya know, I'm not judgemental, I can set that up too."

Not knowing anything about taxi-driving-pimp etiquette I have one question; if you engage Bill for his "network services", does he still charge taxi fare?

Posted by Dean @ 9/03/2002 08:00:00 am

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