Friday, October 11, 2002

Capering with the Kingston Massif

Pawnstar was discharged from hospital Wednesday after a successful operation on his busted arm and is now on the way to an enhanced-with-titanium recovery somewhere in Belconnen. He has announced that he is taking time off from capering.

Senorita El Queso is capering in the den of scum and villany - Sydney - this weekend, outfitted in her new LBD (Lil black dress) and ultra-short blonde do. Don't go changin' Cheese.

T-bone capers on the mountain this weekend where he is acting as support for Kombiman in the Mont 24 Hour mountain bike race. Good luck Kombiman!

The good news is that TJ, currently our South Pacific reporter, recieved the care package we sent up and is most appreciative of all of the contents. He returns to a full schedule of capering in the national capital in about three weeks.

As far as I know, Ms S, Ms O, Rita & Cliffy will all be capering on home turf this weekend.

As for me, I will be capering in Civic tonight and then at B Bar tomorrow afternoon as part of the Farewell Festival for the replacement South Pacific Correspondents. The guys certainly chose poorly wanting to go in the hot & wet season, but if the rigourous work doesn't buff 'em up, the steam will surely help 'em sweat the kilos off.

Posted by Dean @ 10/11/2002 07:05:00 pm

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