Monday, October 07, 2002

Day 2 of T-bone and Pawnstar's seven day bender project came to a crashing end somewhere around 4am Sunday morning after Op Shop when Pawnstar took a nasty fall and broke his right arm. He was rushed to the Emergency Room in Inferno's car with T-bone, Rita, and Senorita El Questo in tow. When Kombiman & I arrived around 10am to take over from the night support crew we found out that it was a clean break just below the shoulder joint, but the bone in the arm had been pushed across & up and was grating against the top of the right arm, just below the joint. Ms E arrived not long after us and then went missing for a bit when she went to get some air; turns out that she doesn't like hospitals much & passed out on the way outside, so was admitted for a short period so the staff could check her out too.

After spending the day sitting in the treatment room watching Pawnstar writhing in pain and Ms E worry and not being able to do anything except tell them that waiting so long for the Registrar and then for an open spot in the theatre schedule was normal, at least in my experience, and generally feeling less than cheery, I was a little taken aback to return to Kingston & find the others cheery after dinner and dessert, but I guess you can't expect 'em to sit around moping all day. I half-entertained the thought of a beer or two in the pub, but to be honest I just wasn't in the mood so I got some takeaway from Portia's and a bunch of movies and hung out quietly at home for the evening with J Lo, Cloony & Weller.

Posted by Dean @ 10/07/2002 02:43:00 pm

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