Monday, October 07, 2002

I can see why Toast might grow a decent set of regulars as an alternative to the normal Civic night club scene; it's small, it's out of the way, the staff seem nice enough, there're a couple of pool tables and there's no neck-deficient heavy security. There was much dancing and drink flowing there at Op Shop - formerly Pop - Saturday night and there seemed to be a good time being had by everyone I encountered. There was a pretty good turn-out, but I was starting to wonder if club-hopping was the norm in Canberra with some small groups hanging around for an hour or so before moving on; that said, come 2am the place was jumping with the dance floor packed. Hopefully the organisers will do another night soon; I think the night suffered a little being on a long weekend when a lot of people head to Sydney or the coast, so I'd like to see how the turnout could be on a normal Saturday night.

Posted by Dean @ 10/07/2002 02:06:00 pm

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