Monday, October 14, 2002

Weekend Wrap-up


So much for a quiet Friday night. My intention was to go to Cynan's dinner then head home. The buffet dinner at Antigo's was good and a bottle of red later I found myself following the crowd around to North to sample their range of vodka infusions. I tried passionfruit, butterscotch, chilli and one appropriately called Mars Bar, but my favourite by far was cinnamon. I stumbled to the taxi rank at sometime between 2 and 3 am.


The morning after the night before found me several ways of broken. The universe smiled on me in the form of the workmen mowing the oval where we normally play soccer, so the game was called off. Rita, Cliffy & I headed out to HJ's at Fyshwick for some Double Whopper hangover-kicking action.

Spent the afternoon having more farewell drinks (one beer & a whole lot of Coke for me) for Mick, and it was good catching up with Rob, Alex, Mike & Gen, Nicky & Lachie, Atko & Leah. We all dispersed around 7 & I picked up some Sizzle Bento & The Running Man & had a big night in in front of the box. Pawnstar came around & we sat eating lamenting the poor quality offerings the people at 10:13 Productions were passing off as episodes of The X-Files this season.


After a catch-up brunch with Jimmy S at Tilleys, I spent the afternoon taking care of laundry while watching the first part of the six part series Music Behind the Scenes, a series of doco's on film scores, which are something I collect. I killed the rest of the afternoon in front of Kundun and Driving Miss Daisy as part of my See-lots-of-movies-especially-Oscar-winners thing. I need to see more; I only scored 21 out of 30 on the Second Invisible Man Movie Quiz that I was e-mailed today (the first can be found here).

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