Sunday, November 03, 2002

Further Adventures in the Crippleverse

"Hey guys, how about we try & avoid taking anyone to the hospital this weekend eh?"
- Me @ approx 1700hrs Friday

After working my butt off in the first three days of the week to get everything done so that I could go to a conference for the last two days, I was really looking forward to Stonefest so I could really cut loose & jump around like a crazy man.

We headed over to Tyson's place for some pre-festival dinner & drinks, then walked over to UC where I thought it'd be really fun to run down a hill with my arms out like an kid pretending to be an airplane. At the top of the hill I looked down, didn't see any major obstructions, so went for it...

What I missed was the 5" high concrete rail that connected with my left big toe, sending me to the ground at speed. I lay curled up on the ground - winded - for a few minutes before Louise picked me up & we went in through the gates & straight to the First Aid tent. Once my hands were bandaged up it was off to the main stage for On Inc and 1200 Techniques.

Saturday morning my arm was hurting more, and I couldn't move it in certain ways, so Pawnstar was good enough to drive me down to the hospital to get it checked out. We got there before all the Saturday morning sports injuries arrived so got seen straight away.

It turns out that besides all the missing chunks of skin on my hands & elbows I may have a really really small fracture in the pisiform bone in my left wrist, so I have to have a half-cast on for a week or so to reduce motion & keep my arm up to reduce swelling. If it still hurts next week I'll have to get it x-rayed again.

I'm now seriously looking into health insurance.

Posted by Dean @ 11/03/2002 02:41:00 pm

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