Saturday, November 23, 2002

Oh boy, what a night.

Regular visitors may remember my fondness for a tradition amongst one of my groups of friends known as the boozy lunch. The boozy lunch is usually held for a birthday or special celebration and usually involves at least 10 people converging on Rubicon with a good bottle of wine for a three course lunch that's finished off with a cheese selection and a bottle of dessert wine. They are decadent and expensive, some might say excessive, but rare & worth every cent.

Last night we converged on Atlantic for Dirty Bob's 28th birthday. DB's been joking for a while that he was going to die when he was 27, so figured that he might as well go all out in his final hours before becoming 28. Another decadent banquet - featuring (for me at least) a Quail entre, Aged Beef Rib main and Cheese dessert - concluded with DB, Amanda & I farewelling all of the couples at the door & heading down to Kingston to catch up with Cliffy, Bretty D, Emily & co for a few wind down beers at Filthy's. I called it a night sometime between 2 and 2.30am.

Yeah it was an expensive night with the dinner & the birthday present, and maybe I should be saving my money for the NZ trip next year, but I reckon you have to get dressed up & go out & do something a bit special every now and then with good friends just to give you a reason to keep going in cubicleland when you start to wonder why you're there. Not that that happens to me often; I love my new job.

Posted by Dean @ 11/23/2002 12:25:00 pm

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