Monday, November 18, 2002

The Weekend Wrap-up


Friday night started with a few catch-up drinks with Cliffy, T-bone & Julia. T-bone was celebrating getting out of records management; I'm sure he'll miss the virtually limitless travel budget & work phone, but now he's got the Crocodile Hunter doll to keep him company (but with the amount of beer he swam in I don't think he's saying crikey that much anymore). Cliffy was just continuing the beer and bundy & coke-fest that's now heading into week three or four.

Miss O & myself bailed early to check out Narrabundah College's production Filthy's: The Musical which turned out to be better than expected. The sets & costumes were on the money, and the songs were familiar showtunes albeit with rewritten lyrics; it helped that the cast could sing.

I was really keen to make Friday a big night, but about halfway through the show I felt really crook, so opted for an early night. If only I'd been able to bottle the enthusiasm for Saturday night...


Now that saturday morning soccer is no more I have time free to get a bunch of stuff done. As the majority of people in Kingston no longer bother getting up any time before lunch there's no company for an early breakfast, so I did a whole lot of domestic maintenance & got all the laundry and kitchen and bathroom cleaning out of the way before a break for breakfast with Helen & Jacob. The weekend seems to go better when you don't have that 'have to get work gear ready' cloud hanging over you.

The afternoon was spent barbequeing in Telopea Park, playing cricket and chatting with Louise's new best friend Kate. There was a rare air of civility for a while... until Charlie (T-bone's new friend) and company departed, then it was back to the usual conversation fare of sex, bodily functions, fashion facism and how-gay-T-bone-really-is-despite-the-fact-he-sleeps-with-girls.

The evening began at Lot 33, continued over at B Bar, diverted with quick visits to Meiso (remember Graphix? It's now a lounge bar.) and Filthy's, and ended - for me at least - with a Durham hotdog and falling asleep on the couch in front of a bad video. I just wasn't in the mood; the gang putting more drinks into me with haste didn't help it.


My new system of movie rentals is to rent at least one VHS tape when I rent a bunch of weekly movies. That way I get to see old previews (DVDs usually don't have previews) & then I choose one of the previews to rent so that I get to see movies I otherwise would've ignored. That's how I came to be suffering through Duets on Sunday morning.

Celluloid rescue came in the form of Dirty Bob & his VW Golf. Just before lunch we shot down to Woden, wandered around the shops, got some food and then scared ourselves silly seeing The Ring. If you like scary movies, I cannot reccommend this one enough; five squirming-in-your-seat's out of five. So scary that when I woke up around 2am I didn't want to get out of bed to get the drink that I really really wanted. A movie hasn't done that to me in a long time.

That butterfly in messenger is starting to bug me; I wonder if I can grab it...

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