Saturday, January 04, 2003

I don't think I'm looking forward to returning to work Monday. Just a few more days, just a few more days...


Just as I was heading off for lunch & more cricket at the pub, Paul (a mate from Bne, just moved here for a public service gig) rocks up, so we dropped off my tux at the dry cleaner before meeting the crew at Filthy's. Turned out that the boys had no recollection of Thursday evening after about 6pm, so I became 'designated memory'. I would've taken that as a sign to cut back, but no, not for these kings of the pub.

Had an afternoon break at Cliffy's place for some GTA3 before returning to the pub.

Spent the evening running game shows for a tour bus full of overseas visitors and chatting with anyone who didn't find us offensive. Hope the Snowy Mountains were exciting for you all and enjoy Sydney, just watch out if you get on any trains.


Met Kat, Ross & Louise at The Durham for lunch. Spent the rest of the day with Tyson & Cliffy at Filthy's watching the cricket. They could've been crowned Drunkest Men Alive for their effort. Keyword = shabby.


Went down to Louise's place for bacon & eggs at around 0930. Found everyone still asleep. Went home.
Went back to Louise's at 12, threw things at Tysons head until he got up. It only took 90 minutes.
We spent the afternoon / night watching Super Troopers, Orange County and American Pie 2 at my place.


0830 flight back to Canberra.
Made up 6 CDs for the New Years party. Dressed up (tux & sneakers), partied until about 2am.
Bravo to everyone involved; it was the best New Years I've had in the last 5 years.


Met up with Kerry and Ms S on her first day in Brisbane. Had lunch then wandered around the city & valley with them.

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