Wednesday, January 15, 2003

I saw Elvis this morning, at least I think it was Elvis.

He came in low over the hill, then flew off over the lake and off into the mountains. One hell of a firefighter he is.

Was it just me or did Peter Leonard sign off the Win News tonight with the year as "Twenty Oh Three"? I heard a couple of guys on Triple J encouraging people to use "Twenty Oh Three" rather than "Two Thousand and Three" because it follows from "Nineteen Ninety Nine"; I wonder how they got to Pete...


The roo salad certainly perked me up. I made it through the day without too much tired-grumpiness showing and managed to have enough energy to come home & tackle my ironing backlog in front of an ice hockey game (one of the guys at work has cable & kindly tapes games for the three of us who're into ice hockey).

Detroit Redwings vs Chicago Blackhawks - 05 Jan 03 in Chicago. Oh my god what a game. First two periods were good, but nothing compared to the action in the third, and then we got overtime! Not a long one mind you; Woolley grabbed at an opportunity left wide open & scored the decider at 1:11 to make it 4-3 to the Red Wings.

Can't wait for the local season to start again. There's nothing like having a few beers at the rink watching the Knights get done by the interstate teams, but I love the game so much I'll watch any games, win or lose, at any level.


What a crap day.

Completely exhausted from the weekend. Went to the chiropractor in Civic for my regular check and was greeted with "Hey, you look like shit" - great.

At 3pm I had an interview for a position I don't even want, but my bosses suggested I go for so that I could get on the order of merit that could be used for promotion later in the year. Worst interview ever. I've never been as bad as this. I started every response with a long "ummm", I wasn't articulate at all (they must think someone else wrote my written application) and I stopped speaking halfway through sentences and starting the answer again. Confident my ass.

Came home, made Kangaroo Salad with a mustard sauce for the roo - it turned out really well, though a little strong in the sauce.

The evening at Louise's cheered me up though. Kat & Ross seemed to think I handled things ok - Kat's run selection rounds before and Ross is running one now, so it was good to get their perspective on the debacle. After dinner we headed out for pool & beers - the key thing I need to practice is the pool concept of "gentleness".

Cool news for the week = Jay is coming back to town for a visit! That's mungtastic (for others, not me) !


Started the day with breakfast at Deztiny - rather - we tried to, but after being ignored for 15 minutes & Kat being told off when she politely pointed this out, we left. The crew wandered Kingston for an alternate venue that had eggs benedict; I went shopping at Woden.

Down at Woden I ran into Paul. After shopping we went for a drive down into Namadgi National Park, completely ignorant of the bushfires.

In the evening I had a short break at home before heading over to Barton where Paul cooked up a vegetarian curry & we took the mickey out of Mark for being a local boy. All in all a good night - I don't like walking through Telopea Park in the dark though - very creepy.


Day - Recovered from Friday night.
Night - Louise's excellent birthday barbeque and dance-fest! It was a pity that so many cool guests had to leave early.


I only meant to go to the pub to see who was around & maybe have one beer. As it turned out Filthy's was packed and every time I turned around someone new I knew was there to talk to. Ended up mingling until late & definatelty drinking more than the anticipated one.

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